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Pyramid Bag Packing Machine

1. Two different kinds of tea bags : You can easily change the packing type between pyramid and rectangular with one click.
2. Ultrasonic : Ultrasonic sealing is more safe, efficient and eco-friendly. The machine is equipped with overload protection and alarm.
3. Touch screen : You can easily operate the machine with touch screen panel. It provides comprehensive setting function.
4. Our machine equipped with quick clean device. Easy to change ingredient.
5. Parts contacted with ingredient are all made by stainless steel.
6. Volumetric weighing system is suitable for granule such as tea fanning, ground coffee…etc. It’s easy to adjust within the range.
7. You can have more selection of material such as PET/ Nylon mesh, bio-degradable materials.


  • Capacity : Max. 60 bag/min. Packing speed is different according to different size and filling weight.
  • Packing Material : Non woven , Nylon/PET mesh, PLA...etc.
  • Packing Method : Sealing and cutting by ultrasonic.
  • Bag Size : Pyramid: 55-78mm ; Plane : L45-100mm W58-78mm
  • Weighing System : Slide doser volumetric weighing system. Easy to adjust
  • Filling Range : 13cc-63cc, Weighing range will be different according to different ingredient.
  • Power Supply : AC220V,50/60Hz,3P,3.0KW (Can be transformed to local voltage)
  • Compressed Air : 5Kg/c㎡ (0.5MPa)
  • Dimension : 1100mm(L)x750mm(W)x2165mm(H)
  • Weight : 320 Kg
  • Standard Accessories : Touch panel HMI; Static Ionizing Generators ; Tag detector ; Ultrasonic overload protection ; Fluidizer to prevent bridging ; Liner & waste collection device.
  • Option : Conveyer