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Pyramid Bag Packing Machine with Outer Bag AIO 168T + MWF 51

  1. Ultrasonic-sealing inner bag and heat-sealing outer bag. Safe, efficient and eco-friendly.
  2. For inner bag packaging, with one button, you can easily switch between two packaging types.
  3. Single hopper with load-cell weighing system. You can set weight according to different demands.
  4. The machine can be easily operated by touch panel and it’s equipped with quickly clean ingredient function.
  5. The machine is exclusively equipped with Film changing plate. It increases the efficiency when changing films.
  6. All automatic from weighing, filling, sealing, nitrogen gas-filling…etc. All the routes contacted with ingredient are made by stainless steel (SUS).
  7. Applicable inner bag material:Nylon, PET, PLA, NWF...etc.
  8. Suitable for whole leaf and granule, such as tea, floral tea, Chinese herb…etc.


  • Capacity : 50 bags/ min (It depends on different ingredient)
  • Packing Material (Inner bag) : NWF, Nylon, PET, PLA…etc
  • Bag size : Inner bag : 58mm x 58mm, Outer bag : 90mm x 105mm
  • Weighing system : Load-cell weighing system
  • Power Supply : AC220V, 50/60Hz/, 3P, 4KW
  • Air Supply : 6kg / cm2 (0.6 MPa)
  • Dimension : 1300mm(L) x 1000mm(W) x 2810mm(H)
  • Weight : 850kgs
  • Standard Accessories : Inner bag chute, Outer bag forming set, Touch panel, Empty bag alarm, Ultrasound overload alarm, Empty hopper alarm, Film connecting plate
  • Optional Device : TTO printer, Hot stamping printer, Static electricity eliminator, Dust proof Inner bag material cover