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API-146 + MWF-82

1. Just one touch you can easily switch between tow kinds of packaging type.ngular with one click.
2. Filling using the double hopper multi-head scale system .For different fillings can be set different parameter to get the best speed and accuracy of filling.
3. Ultrasonic bonding and cutting system control by PLC, while both safe and, efficiency,save energy. The overload protection and alarm built-in.
4. Touch panel HMI providing multifuntion setting for users providing users the most great operational elasticity.
5. Applicable packing materials: Non-woven fabric, Nylon/PET mesh, Biodegradable material. (Optional ATL-146 auto tag and string bonding machine and PTB-180 triangle plane outer bag packing machine )


  • Packaging machine type : API-146
  • Scale Type : MWF-82
  • Capacity : Max. 80 bag/min (It depends on packing component.)
  • Packing Material : NWF , Nylon/PET mesh, Bio-degradable
  • Packing Method : Sticking and cutting by ultrasonic
  • Bag Size Pyramid : 58~78mm
  • Bag Size Plane : 45~100mm, W58~78mm
  • Feeding System : Multi-head weigher (double trough)
  • Filling Range : 1~25g
  • Power Supply : AC220V, 50/60Hz, 3P, 4.0KW
  • Pneumatic Pressure : 6Kg/cm2 (0.5MPa)
  • Dimension : 1170mm(L) x 1060mm(W) x 2350mm(H)
  • Weight : 450Kg
  • Standard Accessories : Touch panel HMI, Ionizing Generators, Tag detector, Ultrasonic overload protection, Liner & waste collection device, double hopper multi-head weigher (8 loadcell)
  • Option : Conveyer unit